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Nov 6 2006 DiegoStart 2.0.5

  • Updated the officeupdate.bat script to include the latest Office updates fro October.
  • Added the .Net 2.0 Security updates to commonupdates.bat
  • Added firefox.ini template file for Firefox 2.x unattended installs in the folder winsetup\software\common\firefox

Oct 4 2006 DiegoStart 2.0.4

  • Updated the script that applies all the Office updates to the administrative installation point. The script will now uncompress the downloaded files, then apply the updates and erase the uncompressed files when done.

Jun 21 2006 DiegoStart 2.0.3

  • Added all Windows XP updates released until June 13 2006. The modified files were slipstream.bat and update.bat which may be found in the Windows XP scripts folder.
  • Modified SecureWS.reg file to remove the Quicktime system tray icon.

Mar 21 2006 DiegoStart 2.0.2

  • Changed name for the storage adapters folder from SCSIAdapters to SCSIAdapter inside the PEbuilder\drivers folder of the DiegoStart tree.
  • Fixed the batch scripts in the settypes folder to reflect appropriate system types synce most of them were wrong.
  • Commented out KB912945 update on slipstream.bat script because it fails slipstreaming. This update is applied in the optional updates now. Thanks mmarable for reporting the issue.

Mar 17 2006 DiegoStart 2.0.1

  • Released to the public

Mar 9 2006 DiegoStart 2.0.0

  • Released for testing

Dec 8 2002 DiegoStart 1.1

  • DiegoStart 1.1 documentation published on old website. The old documentation can also be downloaded from this web site. See the Documentation section.
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