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Welcome to DiegoStart

The main objective of this project is to allow you to create an Unattended Windows Installation (UWI) infrastructure that is capable of installing Windows operating systems with all aditional software, drivers and customizations. DiegoStart can install Windows operating systems starting with 2000 and all the way up to the latest Windows server class systems. After the systems are installed, they are fully patched, have a firewall enabled (Windows XP and above) and their security is tightened to prevent the systems from being compromised.

At this point you may be asking yourself: What makes DiegoStart so cool and interesting? The answer is very simple. DiegoStart is as easy as 1-2-3-4-5.

1. Start a computer with a bootable cd.
2. Mount the software installation packages from a Windows file share.
3. Partition your hard drive as needed by clicking on some menus.
4. Select the Windows OS and type of system that you want to install.
5. Go and have fun while your computer gets installed automagically. (Counter-Strike is highly recommended)

If you find DiegoStart useful and have resources to make a monetary donation, please do so through the links and buttons found in this web site. The money you donate will help finance web hosting charges and will also allow for the purchase of equipment to further test and develop this project for the benefit of anyone who has to constantly install windows machines.

You can now proceed to the Getting Started section to learn more about DiegoStart.

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